Bagpiping Competition Information.

In any competition there are different elements.  These can include a March, Strathspey & Reel (MSR), a ‘Jig’, 6/8 March or a combined Hornpipe and Jig.  These tunes are generally termed ‘Light Music’ (or Ceol Beag).

The other element is known as ‘Piobaireachd’ (Peebruck) or ‘Ceol Mor’ (Big music).  Piobaireachd is the equivalent of ‘classical’ music and is usually played by a Solo Piper.  However, pipe bands sometimes play Piobaireachd at concerts.

Piobaireachd music begins with a theme called the ‘Urlar or Ground’.  In addition, this is then followed by variations that generally increase both in tempo and complexity.  In conclusion, the Bagpiper then returns to the first line of the ground to complete the tune.  The following is Simon Fraser University Pipe Band (Grade 1, Canada) during a concert in Glasgow.  The tune is “Field of Gold” & became my second Piobaireachd tune for competition submission.  This was my performance of the same tune in competition at the Army School of Piping & Highland Drumming near Edinburgh.  Please click on the title ‘Field of Gold‘.

 Photo of Edinburgh Grade 2 Overall Win, Jun 2015