Corporate Bagpipes, Burns-Celebration,

Corporate-Bagpipes Burns-Celebration 29th Jan 2021.

Corporate-Bagpipes Burns-Celebration 29th Jan 2021.

At our “Headquarters” with ACF Teambuilding & Events today, participating in a Corporate Zoom Call.

The Theme of the call was a “Burns Night Celebration Gameshow”.  The contest started with “Name That Tune” segment. The 4 categories included:
A National Anthem (German), A Christmas Carol (O’ Come All Ye Faithful) , A Nursery Rhyme (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), as well as A Rock Song (We Will Rock You).

In addition, the second phase was to name 4 Film Theme tunes: These were: Jurassic Park, Titanic (My heart Will Go On). Braveheart (For the love of a Princess) & Last of the Mohicans (The Gael).

A Great Day and fun for my first Corporate Zoom Call.  Thank you for inviting me