Funeral-Bagpipes, Langstone-Crematorium,

Funeral-Bagpipes Langstone-Vale-Crematorium 7th Sept, 2020.

Funeral-Bagpipes Langstone-Vale-Crematorium 7th Sept, 2020.  Bagpiping at Langstone Vale Crematorium today.  The Funeral was for a Glasgow born gentleman who had lived locally for sometime.  When the Funeral cortege arrived, I led along the road to the chapel entrance.  In addition, the requested family tunes included “Amazing Grace” and “Flower of Scotland”.  Therefore, reflecting the deceased’s background and mourners who had travelled from Scotland for the Tribute.
In conclusion, following the service, I led the family to the Flower Garden Bagpiping the tunes “Going Home”as well as, “Queen Elizabeth II Salute”, as family viewed the flowers.  Our Condolences to the family.