Funeral-Bagpipes, Llanrumney-Cardiff,

Funeral-Bagpipes Llanrumney-Cardiff 3rd July, 2020.

Funeral Bagpipes Llanrumney-Cardiff 3rd July, 2020.  Bagpiping for a Funeral in Llanrumney Cardiff today for a local lady.  My participation involved playing for the arrival of the Funeral Cars as they approached the family home.  In addition, for this element tunes included: “Land of My Fathers”, “Calon Lan” & “Cwm Rhondda”.
Following a pause, I led the departing mourners enroute to Thornhill Crematorium where family, friends & neighbours lined the street to “Amazing Grace”& “Myfanway”, as well as, “Going Home”.

In conclusion, Our Condolences to the family & my appreciation to the applause received. Working with the very professional Roy Larcombe Funeralcare.