Funeral-Bagpipes, Thornhill-Cemetery,

Funeral-Bagpipes Thornhill-Cemetery 24th Sept, 2020.

Funeral-Bagpipes Thornhill-Cemetery 24th Sept, 2020.  At Thornhill Cemetery today, Bagpiping for the Funeral Interment of a Scottish born Gentleman. I met the Funeral Cortege & Cars at the main gate & played to the graveside with the requested “Amazing Grace”, in addition to “The Massacre of Glencoe”.
The family’s tune of choice for the interment was “Flower of Scotland”.   After the service, I then played “Sleep, Dearie Sleep”, as well as, the classical “Queen Elizabeth II Salute”. In conclusion, Our thoughts to the family & friends.

Working with the very professional Castle Court Funeral Home of Pontypridd.