Glenfiddich-Bagpiping-Contest, Blair-Castle,

Glenfiddich-Bagpiping-Contest Blair-Castle 31st Oct, 2020.

Glenfiddich-Bagpiping-Contest Blair-Castle 31st Oct, 2020.

A Great Day today, listening to the 47th Annual Glenfiddich Bagpiping Contest livestream from Blair Castle, Pitlochry.

An Education in the Skill, Concentration & thought processes (via personal interviews) of the Best 10 Bagpipers in the World this year.

The day is in two parts, starting with Classical Piobaireachd, in addition to, a Traditional & Repeated March, Strathspey & Reel (MSR) Event.

Competitors submit 6 of each & get told the night before, which to play.   As well as, repeating of March, Strathspey & Reel.

The Winner of the Piobaireachd was Jack Lee (Canada).  The MSR, William McCallum (Bearsden, Scotland).  In conclusion, The Overall Winner with a 2nd place in both events was Stuart Liddell (Inverary, Scotland).  Congratulations to all competitors ?