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Llysworney-Cowbridge Memorial Bagpipes, 16th Aug, 2019.

Llysworney-Cowbridge Memorial Bagpipes, 16th Aug, 2019.  Bagpiping today for the Memorial Service of a Glasgwegian gentleman.  He had connections with the Isle of Arran. The committal took place earlier in Bridgend.   I met the family and mourners at St. Illtwyd’s Church in Llwysworney near Cowbridge.  I then played a number of requested tunes which included: Going Home, Highland Cathedral, Blue Bells of Scotland.

In addition, midway through the service I played Flower of Scotland.  Shortly after the gentleman was toasted with Isle of Arran whiskey.   In conclusion, at the service end I played Auld Lang Syne, before leading out to a medley of tunes starting with Scotland the Brave.   Our sincere condolences to the family and many friends.

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